What makes a good party?

What makes a good party?



Lets be honest, making an event successful takes skill. If you would like it to become a success, you will often need to consult with an expired professional in this area – especially if it is a complex project. If it is just a small gathering for friends, well that is something different. But if it is something for many people, if you have important guests, colleagues from work. Well then you will need to really plan to make sure it will be a success!

Here are some key points to consider:

What theme will there be?

Get creative, thinks outside the box. Done just say “James Bond theme.” This can go down well for dinner parties, but has been overdone in some respects. Pimps and Ho’s for a younger crowd is also an option. Make sure you have at least 5 – 10 options when you have an initial party planning brainstorm first. Think out loud, no theme could be too wild or interesting for you next event.

Have a look at the Miniracing.com site for Pinterest (scalextric hire). You can see many pictures of the events in action.

Where will you host the event?

Having that special location can really help to get people excited. A post hotel by the river or a manor house in the country. Of  couse, this isn’t alway an option on most budgets

Event planning and party planning help - BBC article. 

What entertainment will you use?

Fun casinos can be interesting and are not so expensive. Having a high class magician can also go down well. Sometimes it can best to rent a venue, this means there is less stress about preparing your home. A local hotel can be suitable for a party locations.  can be great event that everyone can enjoy.


When to host the event? Christmas is the best season to do this without a doubt.

Check out the Miniracing site,  scalextric hire (Facebook) They have a hire services for corporate events. Look at the Miniracing site for G+.

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